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when I first came to fortune society I was here for like a good two weeks I had to leave I was takin g.e.d. classes my p.o. did not like the idea that I was going there without drug treatment my deal with my p.o. and the judge was I do treatment I was mad as hell because I was really learning for the first time cause I hate school so I had to leave the program I did treatment for 6 months got that clear cause you don't want no judge or p.o. on your back now I don't have to worry about nothing because I don't have to see the judge no more so I took 2 months to think about what I am goin to do so I call the fortune society. they told me come in for intake I came back to sign up for G.E.D. they told me I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to start I was like damn what am I going to do for 2 to 3 weeks? I already took 2 months off I talk to my counselor, they give you one when you come I talk to her and told her I have nothing to do I ask her to find me something to do so she hook me up with the computer lab teacher and he hook me with some computer class I like this I am learning how to do all types things on the computer on different days we web class,business com, and how to do resume so I am learning a lot thanks to the fortune society this place is a good place to learn new things and best thing about it that its free! <><><><><><>